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Are Women Called to Leadership Roles in Ministry?

Written by AviYah Byers. Posted in FAQ's

Rabbis AviYah Byers, Congregational Leader
Melo HaGoyim Learning Center


Every day women must deal with issues concerning how we measure up to men. The truth is we really should not have to and are not suppose to in the Scriptural sense of the Word of Yah. Man has his role as the priest and provider of his home. He is the visionary and light to every faucet of the world that the Father has given him. Woman is the nurturer and help meet for the positive progress of the family. She is her husband’s antenna (Genesis 3:15) and is imperative to birthing the vision of the family. She brings life into the family as everything that is birthed into the family comes through her. If a husband walks the ‘righteous life’ as prescribed by the Scriptures, then his wife will bring forth great works as her body is the incubator of the family. If he plants bad seed then she along with his seed will reap the harvest of his sowing. We have very different jobs, but the goal is the same.


Should a woman make the same salary as her male counterpart in business if they have the same qualifications, background and skills? Yes, that has been established as precedence in the employment laws of this country. These laws have allowed women everywhere to prosper and excel in areas dominated by men. In the past we were not considered as ‘serious candidates’ for certain positions in the corporate world, but now have proven that we are viable partners in many aspects of business. Just as that has been established YAH Himself has set a position for His women as He, in all His infinite wisdom set precedence in the Garden of Eden. After He created women and brought her perfected to Adam He said in Genesis 1:28, “Bear fruit and increase, and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over all creatures moving on the earth.” This is note-worthy; He said this to both Adam and Hav’vah (Eve).


Being a minister or a leader of YAH’S people has nothing to do with whether I am a woman, because The Most High uses whom He chooses. All through the Scripture we see women in major roles as leaders of people. Miryam the prophetess, of whom YAH spoke through her just as He spoke through Moses and Aaron. Deborah the prophetess was the ruler of Israel. She had a husband his name was Lappiḏoth, but she ruled over Israel. Huldah the prophetess was the voice of YAH that gave instruction and rebuke to the leaders of Israel and they repented and received the favor of YAH again.


Now let’s go to the Renewed Covenant – Lydia accepted the Word of YAHWEH and had her entire house immersed (mikvad). She received the Word and apparently had the authority to have all her house immersed, did that include men; probably. In Greek the word for household is oikos, which is masculine as in Hebrew this means that if there are 99 women and 1 man the word must be masculine; so there had to be 1 man in that household who was immersed and Lydia had the authority to tell him to do so. That’s New Covenant Scripture. Also, When John wrote to the Elect Lady in 2nd John 1 he addressed her as the “Elect lady” or in Greek Kuria which when you go to the root of the word means leader or supreme over:


2 John 1:1  The elder, to a chosen Kuria (Female) Children= Techon (greek) – Children or group of people as an assembly


3 John 1:1  The elder, to the beloved Gaios (Male) Elder – presbuteros:  Senior/leader of people


Notice John uses the same verbiage when he addressed both these leaders, the word ‘elder’ in both letters denote that these two people were in charge of a group of people and not just their own houses.


There are ministries that say there is no reference of women taking a leading role in the assemblies in the Renewed Covenant; this is misinformation and should be reconsidered.


As a Congregational Leader along with my husband, I don’t have the luxury to wait to get approval from man. There is far too much work to do. My husband is my head and Messiah Yahshua (Jesus) is his head. My husband doesn’t put limitations on the gifts that YAH has given me, and respectfully I will not allow any one else to put limitations on those gifts. We take our orders from The Most High and HIM alone. Every woman is governed by her husband, 1st Peter 3:1 “In the same way, wives, be subject to your own husbands.” If a woman does not have a husband then Messiah is her husband and her head. It is important to know that all things have proper protocol and that if a woman feels that she is being lead by the Spirit of YAH to be in the position as a teacher and if that women has a congregational leader, then it would be wise for that woman to be counseled by that leader as long as he or she walks in the integrity of the Torah. If she has been called there will be a witness of two or three. In the Scriptures we see even Moses being counseled by his father-in-law and that it was considered wise council for him. So, I agree that a single woman should follow that proper protocol as she is being lead by the (Ruah HaKodesh) Set Apart Spirit.


Finally, In the Garden The Most High put man to sleep and then brought women to him, sometimes I feel like man is still asleep concerning this matter, but YAH is bringing us to the forefront to restore us back to our original place in Him, and soon man will awake and say, “now you are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, let’s get this done (The time of ‘Jubilee’ is upon us)! Before our Creator separated man and woman they were both called man….body parts are different so that we ‘fit together’. We were created with gifts and talents and are expected just like our forefathers to be in lead positions and we will know our place and bless YAH for His Grace in putting us right where HE wants us to be.


Remember, the only earthly reason that we are women is to bring life into this world, to multiply and increase in the earth. Our Spiritual or Heavenly task is much greater (the Spirit of YAH = Hebrew words, ‘Nishma(aramaic)’ ‘Ruah’ ‘Shechenah’ which are all feminine tense….what hovered our the face of the deep in creation?) We are a powerful force in the earth and we need to know that.



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