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Leviticus 12:1-15:33

Written by AviYah Byers. Posted in Torah

Torah Portion

Leviticus 12:1-15:33

Tumah v'Taharah

Ritual Unclean and Clean

The Laws of Contamination

This Torah portion discusses the Laws of contamination. It gives us literal procedure for dealing with bodies, home and clothes concerning  any existence  of tamen (impurity) or if once washed (mikvah) and pronounced tahor (clean or pure).

This parashot is very important because it deals with the laws of purification after childbirth, circumcision, the laws of Nidah which is purification after menstruation, the laws of tarazot which deals with leprosy of body, house and clothing.

As I look at this portion of the Torah I think about how is it so easy to understand the impure implication of mold, yeast and rust. Mold spores if breathed in can cause horrible upper respiratory problems to the point of a person having on-going bronchitis symptoms and it’s tough getting mold out of cloth once it is exposed unless you use bleach to kill it. Even at that the bleach will eat the mold and sometimes leave a hole which means the discarding of the piece of clothing anyway. Yeast can fester in a person’s body when we don’t wait the seven days after spotting concerning a women’s time of separation during the monthly spilling of blood, and can cause continual yeast infections, vaginal tumors and many other female problems. Finally, even Rust on metal can be considered in this portion, as it eats away at metal until it completely breaks down and returns to the earth as dust.

So what are seeing here, a cleaning system maybe? Yah in creating all things set in place a system to clean the earth of tamen. The principles were set in the earth from the beginning.  This is why Father gives us His Laws to govern us living in His creation. These laws are very important to learn because ignorance is not an excuse. It is the same if a child or adult runs out into the street in front of a car the possible results are the same whether the child or adult knows better or not. These particular laws tell us how to stay healthy so that we don’t have a breakdown in our living condition and therefore can remain in the ‘land.’ Now,  I know when father mentions the land He is talking about the original land that our fathers possessed. But there is much to say about being cut off or sent outside the camp or the Diaspora like the United States, so it is very possible that someone up our line sinned thus they were cut off from the set apart people and sent out of the land.

The stats in this country are astounding concerning diseases and how they look just like tamen as they eventually take out the receptor.  1 of 3 women in the United States has a hysterectomy by the age of 60 and over 600,000 are performed a year! (The number 6 is prevalent here!) Drs also say that males who are circumcised are less likely to pass germs such as yeast to their wives because yeast and other harmful germs can hide easily under the extra skin and, I have been told by medical professionals that the best time for the blood to clot is on the eighth day of life. So in this country instead of teaching righteous living they just say let’s just  wait and then take it out and destroy it, therefore causing more disparities and multiple cases that just continues down thousands of generations. They continue to place less fortunate people in living conditions with mold so now  we are at the height of respiratory conditions in this country.

Deuteronomy 28:60 says,  “And He shall bring back on you all the diseases of Mitsrayim, of which you were afraid, and they shall cling to you…So what is this Torah portion really saying to us, there is a process and procedure for keeping your body, clothes and home free of tamen. It means that If we are obedient then we live in a state of tahor and if something tamen comes into our lives either it gets purified and becomes tahor or it gets destroyed from our lives. We as people set a part to the One, true and Living God of Israel must follow His instructions so that we don’t become tamen ourselves and have to be destroyed.  This also references our minds such as our thoughts and inclinations. The heart is not the seat of emotion, but it is the seat of the mind because that’s what we are supposed to think with….too often we get caught up in our emotions and let’s be truthful sometimes our emotions don’t line-up with the Torah, so what are we to do…dispel those thoughts cast them down, mikvah (wash in living water) and make teshuvah (repent and return back to the Ways of Yahweh) and move on to the work of the Father. My Best friend Marie quotes her Grandma:“Sin will cost you more than you will want to pay, make you stay longer than you want to stay and make you pay far more than you would ever want to pay”

The more we seek Yah’s Ways we should continue to cut things out of our lives that are tamen. This is such a personal and intimate thing to do as only you and Yahweh know what tamen is in your life.  

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